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37 Ideas for Your Routine and Regularly Scheduled Activities List


I’ve been asked a bit about routines and regularly schedule activities (especially because I have a routines and weekly routine overview page in the Starter Pack and List & Planning inserts). Here are a few ideas that may inspire your own list and I would love to hear what you have on yours!

A few things that I think are important with these routines…

Make sure you schedule things in that are making you get closer to where you want to go. Leave room for flexibility and spontaneity but having regularly scheduled activities build momentum and provide check-ins and milestones to stay on course.

It is easy to get carried away with all the little things that seem important at the time but don’t really enhance your life or work. This is why it is so great to consciously schedule things in that allow you to grow towards your goals, are necessary self care activities or keep you on track and focused.

If you don’t always cross them all off, don’t beat yourself up. They are only a guide and you can always reschedule, tweak, start a fresh again or throw them all out the window.

Strive for progress

Remember, this is your life! You choose what you do with it. Enjoy 🙂

Most of your daily tasks will be dictated by your main role.

Here is a list of some of the things I have on my daily schedule and some of them are general ideas. I don’t always do them all, but if I’m able to do it most of the time I know my life is the better for it!

may you wake with gratitude

  • Gratitude list – 5 things you are grateful for
  • Journalling – write at least one page of life-changing or mundane thoughts (or do your insight-inducing Morning Pages)
  • Start the day with your WHY. What is your high level, soul-burning, heart-lifting reason for you to do what you do? What keeps you going in the face of challenges? Write it out in a paragraph or two and read it before you start your work everyday.
  • Read your goals
  • Plan your day including your 3 MITs (most important things to do today) and launch into them.
  • One-minute of silence (or more if you can!)
  • Fresh green juice
  • Write 500 words
  • 10-minutes minimum of heart-pumping activity
  • 5-15 minutes of decluttering home
  • Tracking things for the day (minutes exercised, water drank, weather, mood etc)
  • Review the day and check in with the next few days
  • Clear desk ready for a fresh day tomorrow!

20 things to start doing

I ended up moving a lot of my weekly activities to the fortnightly list as it felt very restrictive to do them every week.

  • Week in review
  • Weekly plan with the week’s 3 MITs
  • Books to read
  • File paperwork
  • Do admin activities
  • Close off all unfinished business for week
  • Go through notes, scribbles, ideas etc and move them to appropriate places
  • Love check in connection (Jack Canfield presents an idea in his Success Principles book to nurture your relationships. No matter how well things are going, put some time aside each week with your partner to see how thing are going. It is a non-aggressive way to bring up any small niggles and address them before one of you explodes and blows it out of proportion!)
  • Chores and cleaning

cleaning room


  • Date night with The Man
  • Artist Date – solo excursion to refill your creative well
  • Planning with partner – appointments, schedules and ideas so you’re on the same page with what is upcoming
  • Family Time – since all my family live on the other side of the country or opposite end of the world, I try to schedule in time to Skype or call them regularly. While I probably speak to them more often, it is easy for time to fly by and realise you haven’t spoken to your Dad in a month (or is that only me?!)
  • Creative time – I love to paint and cross-stitch, but it is hard to find the time normally, so I’m scheduling in time with myself to do something I love, but is not necessarily ‘important’
  • Video time – I have an intention to do more videos and once again am creating the time for it.
date night

All our dates nights are like this…right…


  • Month in review
  • Monthly dreams including 3 MITs for month and transferring all dates and plans into your pages
  • Beauty/Pamper session (yay!)

And The Man totally, always does this…

  • Process all info from previous month and put them in their places
  • Life Planning session – review and add to your life vision
  • Check in with goals, master to dos and projects
  • Catch up with friends
  • Do finances – receipts, budgets, tracking income
  • Tidy up car

You may then also have 6 week, bi-monthly, quarterly, 6 months, annual and ad hoc schedules and routines.

What else do you have on your regular list? Share with us below and inspire others to craft routines they love!

Life is crafted, craft yours,

8 Steps to Creating Your Own Magical Monday Life Crafting Braindump Party!

Monday Magical Dream Braindump1

It’s Monday morning Life Crafters! Here’s a little Monday routine that can make a big difference in your life. The start of a magical week if you make it that way.

So let’s all do…


Doing it the first time may take a little longer, but if you do it on a regular basis it only takes 5-10 minutes! If you have the Routine pages from your Starter Pack or List & Planning pages, don’t forget to add it in!

1. Remember the mantra, “If you think it, Ink it”
When things remain in our brain we can feel disorganised and overwhelmed. Every time something pops into your head that you need to do or are thinking about doing, jot it down somewhere you can come back to later.

2. Create an easy ritual
Light a candle. Put on some of your favourite tunes. Make yourself a nourishing cup of tea or a fresh juice.

Setting up the right space for yourself can infuse you with the right mindset to get your creativity and ‘braindumping’ flow on.

3. Grab your Planner
And go to the notes section, blank page or just find a piece of paper – something you can write things down on without thinking too much if it is neat or categorised. Grab your favourite pen. You’re ready now right?!

4. Write all the stuff that is going on in your head down
Just braindump. Write down to dos, dreams, feelings, household tasks, who you need to call, what you need to buy at the supermarket, errands you need to run, projects, deadlines, giving the dog his worming tablets, blog posts you want to write, etc. You get the gist.

Don’t analyse or overthink. Don’t get tempted to get started on one of the tasks. Most importantly, don’t get overwhelmed. This is just the time to empty that gorgeous head of yours.

5. Take a deep breath and enjoy all that freed up space
By getting all those wonderfully inspiring and mundane tasks out onto paper you’ve created space for the energy, inspiration and new ideas you need to make the life you want happen.

6. Schedule it, Put it on your Master To Do List or Throw it away.
Remember you don’t need to tackle everything at once!

If it is something you need to do soon, book in a time with yourself in your planner. Jot it down in your weekly list or on a day over the next couple of weeks.

If it is something without a timeframe – A future idea or something you’d like to do someday – write it on your Master To Do list, a Someday page, Bucket List or one of your information pages in your diary.

Some of ideas area crap. It’s okay. The bad is needed so we can contrast the really good ones. If you look at something and go ‘what the hell was I thinking?!’, give yourself permission to throw it away.

7. Recycle, File or Trash the initial piece of paper.

8. Your done! Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate 🙂
If you have a party popper handy go on and pop it over your head. And don’t forget to blow that candle out.

Life is crafted. Craft yours.

Yours in passionate planning,

Doing a Week In Review


A Week In Review is a session where you look back over your last 7 days and reflect on the tasks, activities and experiences that occurred.


It is an amazing time to honour what you have actually achieved. Our lives whip by in such frenzied haste that we often forget and don’t appreciate what we have done.

What do you say when people ask you what you have been up to? “Busy.” Is often the response. “Really Busy. I’m so busy I don’t have any food in the house and I’m living off baked beans.” But do you know what you’ve been busy doing?!

Do you remember what you got up to last week besides one or two things? Do you know what you actually ticked off the list toward a project or goal?

Spending 10-15 minutes a week to look back on it can give you so many advantages.

  1. You feel accomplished. Rather than saying, what the hell did I actually do? And then beating yourself up for what you haven’t done, you have a list of those activities you worked on.
  2. It builds confidence. You see what you have done and gain the momentum and the ‘I can’ attitude in bringing that forward to the following week.
  3. You see where you might have gone off track. Once you’re aware you can nudge yourself back in the right direction.
  4. Sometimes you look like super(wo)man. Seriously. I get comments from people who are like, “how can you accomplish so much??”. In reality, I don’t think I do, I just keep track of what I have done – the small and the big.
  5. You can’t help but think of the things you’d like to do for the following week. It is a great thing to do before planning next week.


I write down what I do in my Filofax. If I speak to someone, go somewhere, or work on a project I jot it down on my weekly appointment sheets. When I make it to a yoga session or have a sudden insight about life I note it down. When I’m an awesome fur-mama and take the doggy for a walk (instead of my partner doing it) I write, then I tick.

Writing and ticking always feels fabulous (yes, I am one of those people who put things on the list that I have already done just to be able to tick it off).


Book some time in with yourself every week. Put it in your calendar and stick to it! You only need about 15 minutes. I usually do mine on a Friday afternoon.

Get out your Filofax (or equivalent!), pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea and light a candle or be in a space you love.

Then go through your days and start listing down what you did. You can make comments or write down what comes up when you list a certain thing or you can just put your dot points down.

You can write it on paper, on a file on your computer or publish it as a blog post – completely up to you!

Here are some examples from my past week:

  • Took Zander to the vet – time will tell if he is defective or not…
  • Enjoyed Meatless Monday
  • Launched Life Is Crafted and got my first round of sales (OMG so excited!)
  • Set up Etsy store
  • Printed and sent limited edition planner packs
  • Gathered props for new biz photo shoot
  • Caught up with Perth friend Mr R and schnitzeled it up – really fun to see him
  • Had meeting with Miss K
  • Visited Officeworks for supplies and printer exchange – they were really helpful
  • Dinner party with friends and assisted the chef-ess
  • Cleaned room – finally!
  • Mass laundry session – can’t let it get that out of hand again 🙂
  • Had Tab printing session
  • Helped friend celebrate birthday
  • Met some amazing new people
  • Shopping with the Daddy-O
  • Skype catch up with Sister L in London
  • Accountability session with coach
  • Announced winner of Life Is Crafted referral prize
  • Lunch with Daddy-O and family friends

It goes on, I won’t bore you with the printing of reports or decision-making about pots, but you get the gist!


Put a circle around or bold the highlight of the week.
Ask yourself where you didn’t do so well and what you can do about it for the future
Pat yourself on the back for doing something well
What steps did you take towards your goals?
What am I putting off and why?
Did you learn any lessons to bring forward with you?
Were you living on purpose or were you on automatic pilot?
Was I being ‘me’ or was I doing things for others at my own expense?


When I’ve not been too busy, I’ve been trying to do a week in review on my other site Savvy Sassy She. I really notice the difference in my satisfaction levels and self-confidence levels when I don’t do them. It has been a while, but it is never too late to get back on the horse!

Do you review your weeks? If so, how does it make you feel? If not, are you tempted?

Life is crafted. Craft yours.