Fab Friday Finds: Archive Boxes

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At one of my regular trawls through stationery stores, I came across an archive folder that has made its way into my life!

As I am an avid A5 user I’ve been finding ways to archive my old pages and to hold the ones waiting for their grand entrance into my Filofax. I have now found a storage solution that I am pretty happy with.

This Keji Box file holds A5 pages and has a spring clip rather than rings, so the paper goes all in one pile. It’s a simple way to keep the pages all together.

I’ve got three boxes on the go at the moment:

  1. Archives – this holds all my used weekly and monthly planner pages. I keep the used Month on Two page sheets in my organzier so I can refer back to important events and dates and put all the week and notes pages in this archive box so my planner can be as light as possible!
  2. Journaling Archives – as I journal quite a lot I can’t carry around all my pages. I pop them into my journal archive every couple of weeks.
  3. Pages to be used – this holds all my future weekly and notes pages as well as extra list, journaling etc. sheets. Like #1, I don’t want my Filofax to be too heavy so I only carry about 3 months of pages with me and then have the Month on 2 page sheets for the other times of the year.

How do you store your used or yet unused pages? Share with us in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Fab Friday Finds: Archive Boxes

  1. jo wells

    I have a few of the A5 Keji file boxes as well as A4. Absolutely love them for storage of those things that usual storage options can’t really hold.


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