Fab Friday Finds: Coloured Markers

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Coloured Markers

Okay, so these coloured markers may not be the newest finds, but they are awesome Kings of Planning.

Why? Well, colours lift me up and excite me to plan and do. If I had two sheets of paper and wrote exactly the same thing on each of them, but with one I used a black or blue pen and the other one had multiple colours, I pay waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more attention and get waaaaaaaaaay more excited by the colourful one.

They are not great for writing in my planner on normal paper as they do bleed through. I use them for brainstorming on large pieces of paper, writing headings on lists and creating little notes for myself. I’ve been using both Sharpies
and Bic Mark-It

Use them for things like:

  • Art Journalling
  • Notes to yourself
  • Bright Post-It Note Reminders
  • Paper Planning
  • Blog post planning
  • Brainstorming
  • Writing over magazine pages
  • Pretty Doodles
  • Labels
  • Addressing envelopes

What markers do you use? What do you use them for?

Life is crafted. Craft yours,


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3 thoughts on “Fab Friday Finds: Coloured Markers

  1. Jo-Anne

    I think I got these in a pack of 20 or so at Costco and LOVE THEM! Use them wherever possible! I used them tonight on my new tea tin labels and forgot they were permanent. Well, I didn’t forget but wanted to use the colours so guess I will always have to re-purchase the tea! The colours kinda went with Fruitalicious (hot pink), Turkish Apple (bright green) & can’t remember the last one!

  2. Iris

    I’ve got these markers and the colours are just lovely (especially when used on smoother, not-so-porous paper), but I can’t stand the smell of alcohol as it dries off the page :(. Because of that, I only use them sporadically. Markers that I do like using often are Crayola (the washable kind for kids) and Mr. Sketch. For crafts, there’s Recollections Signature and Faber-Castell PITT pens (that’s more of a pen than a marker).


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