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Everyone likes something for free! Me included! So I’ve put together one or two files for you (awwwwww) to download gratis. High five through cyber-space!

Join the Life is Crafted community and receive special offers, updates and a Printable Gratitude Page and Bucket List (101 things things to do in your fabulous life!). Woohoo!

Philofaxy 365/30 Lists                               


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4 thoughts on “Freebies!

  1. Karen

    I adore your planner pages! I’m about to buy my third set…for 2015! I Use (1) personal size for my college planning/tracking/goals, (1) A5 for my home, family, and personal life / goals, and I’m about to purchase (1) A5 for my professional life – soon I will be starting a job for the first time in awhile and I want a good planner to help me stay on top of things from the start.

    Love your work – planner pages and videos! Keep them coming! 🙂


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