Friday Fab Finds – The Pomodoro Technique

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Welcome to a new feature on the blog!

Each Friday I’ll be sharing with you fabulous finds I’ve come across that help me with life in general. It will probably cover tools, techniques, books, stationery and anything else that just tickles my life crafting fancy!

First up we have the Pomodoro Technique that help you with PRODUCTIVITY and getting things done.

It truly is a simple technique (see the steps below!).

It is a great tool when there is something I have to do and am finding it hard to get started (we all have those times right?!) or really just need to focus on something for a while.  I just use the timer on my iPhone or this app on the computer.

pomodoro-technique Pomodorproduct-timer-steps

Share with me – have you used this technique? Do you use something else?

Life is crafted. Craft yours,


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2 thoughts on “Friday Fab Finds – The Pomodoro Technique

  1. Iris

    An additional reason to love Fridays = Friday Fab Finds!

    I’ve used a similar technique in the past (not Pomodoro in particular). The interesting thing about using this technique is that doing something for 25 minutes builds momentum. I find that once I get over the hump of starting a task, I spend more than 25 minutes on it and end up being more productive than I had intended.

    1. Arienne Gorlach

      Hi Iris! So much of it is just getting started right?! We build up so much resistance sometimes to just beginning and when we can almost ‘trick’ ourselves into doing it the momentum builds. Yay for that!


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