Join Life is Crafted for upcoming specials and be the first in the know!

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Join the LIC community and be the first to know (and receive awesome specials) when I’ll be pre-releasing the mid-year life crafting planners and preview the new range. I’m also working on some community only items that will be sent out to the group over the next few months.

Join us on this linkΒ


Thank you Life Crafters! Dream! Plan! Live! Life is crafted, craft yours.


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6 thoughts on “Join Life is Crafted for upcoming specials and be the first in the know!

  1. Rochelle

    Super excited for the pre printed mid year inserts Arienne!

    One thing I dislike is anything to do with printing. It just never turns out right or it jams. Don’t even get me started on printing double sided things.

    Have joined, looking forward to hearing the exciting news

  2. Arienne Gorlach

    Thanks for joining the gang Rochelle!

    Oooh printing isn’t the most fun thing. I’ve become pretty good at understanding my printer, but because each printer is sooooooo diifferent and each has their own quirks and settings.

    That is one reason I’m going to printed product – so all the LIC lovelies can have a consistent end result without having to massage their printers to do what they want them to!


  3. kdryer57

    Reblogged this on kdryer57 and commented:
    Hi Arienne, Loved the video. I’m looking forward to Life is Crafted expanding and products available. Its definitely a step forward and wish many success to you. Oh wish you should do an arrange of designs for the Filofax A5, girls pinks and what nots. Take care and can’t wait for your premiere debut. Love your LIC friend Karen

    1. Arienne Gorlach

      I always love hearing from you Karen! Thank you so much πŸ™‚ Hearing from others about how the planner is positively impacting on their lives and seeing words of support make all this hard work worth it! πŸ™‚ Hugs to you!

  4. Aisling

    Hi Arienne
    Really looking forward to this. Me and printers don’t tend to get on well!
    The best of luck with it all during what I’m sure is an exciting but yet daunting time!


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