Magical Monday Braindump: Who do you need to contact?

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Just call them! Photo found on weheartit

It’s Monday and I’m leaping out of bed because I’m loving what I do! Happy Monday to you all, it’s time for the (drum roll please….) MAGICAL MONDAY BRAINDUUUUUUUUUUUMP!!!!!!!

This week why not dream braindump the….

List of people you want to get in contact with again!

Those girlfriends you haven’t seen for a year. That old neighbour you want to reconnect with. The distant family member you think of often but haven’t actually reached out to in a while. Most of us probably have a few people we’d love to say hello to but have been too ‘busy’ to or feel that too much time may have passed.

Let’s take this opportunity to make a list of those darlinghearts that we are wanting to hug in person, speak to over the phone/skype or pen a letter to. Life is too short and time moves too swiftly to just think about them. Take this opportunity to make it happen! I bet they’d love to hear from you.

Take Action Now!

Use five minutes now to jot down the names of the people you want to reach out to. Then put a day down that you’ll take that action. Feels good doesn’t it?!

On My List

My childhood BFF
Aunty Ursula
Cousin in the states
School friends in Perth

Who’s on your list? Share with us below!

If you have a lot going on in general , here’s a post I wrote about creating your own Magical Monday Braindump party and get all the ‘to dos’, ‘somedays’ and ‘gosh, darn it, I REALLy have tos’ in a list.

Life is crafted, craft yours.

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2 thoughts on “Magical Monday Braindump: Who do you need to contact?

  1. kdryer57

    Hi Arienne,
    I just love getting your emails. You for such an inspiration and a beautiful person. I wish I could do half of what you do, but I suffer from dyslexia and OCD. I love my Filofax A5 Chamaleon so much I ordered a A5 Finsbury in Raspberry and can’t wait to get it. I really struggle because I can’t express all the time whats going on in my brain. Oh I also have the A5 Domino in black and the a Personal Aston in brown. Take care
    Your friend Karen

    1. Arienne Gorlach

      Thank you so much Karen! I truly appreciate you words.I’m so glad you get something out of what I share. I truly wish to make a positive impact with my little diaries and personal perspectives.

      Thank you for sharing your challenges – it can be so hard when these things get in the way of what we can or want to do. We have to remember to be gentle with ourselves.

      I’ve had my own set of challenges to overcome to get where I am now. Different, of course to yours, but a struggle all the same – crippling anxiety where I had constant fear, couldn’t function normally and would be in tears all the time. This went on for months on end over a few years. I couldn’t work or sleep properly. Not pleasant at all! It has not been easy, I had to do a lot of hard work on the inside, but I have to say it has been worth it. I may share more of that story here one day soon. It has made me become so passionate about ‘life crafting’ and making life what you want it to be. I am happy to say I am anxiety free now (besides the normal anxious feelings we all get every now and then!)..

      Warm hugs to you lovely Karen,


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