Magical Monday Dream Braindump: Places you want to visit

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It’s Magical Monday Life Crafters! Take this opportunity to get everything out of your head and onto paper to clear some much needed space.

If you want some guidance, I’ll be suggesting areas each week to brainstorm. It maqy just give you the space to finally add to ┬ásome of those lists you have on the go.

This week why not dream braindump

Places you want to visit!

Egypt? Easter Island? Paris? Venice? Johannesburg? Iceland? Your mum’s house?

Jot them away on a new list page or, if you have the Life Is Crafted List & Planning package, there is a dedicated list there!

If you have a lot going on in general , here’s a post I wrote about creating your own Magical Monday Braindump party and get all the ‘to dos’, ‘somedays’ and ‘gosh, darn it, I REALLy have tos’ in a list.

Life is crafted, craft yours.


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2 thoughts on “Magical Monday Dream Braindump: Places you want to visit

  1. Iris

    Funny coz Egypt AND Easter Island are on my list :).There’s also Spain. I’ve done South America, so this summer (fingers crossed) — Sedona! <3


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