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LETTER – 2017 – Starter Pack – Week on 2 Pages NO TIMES – Dotty – PDF


**This listing is for an INSTANT DOWNLOAD Printable PDF
**Please note folder and accessories in the photos are not included – they’d be quite hard to print ;) **Some pictures displayed may have older dates, these pages are for the 2017 pages

Size: LETTER Size
Design: DOTTY
Package: Starter Pack
Layout: Week on 2 Pages NO TIMES
Format: PDF Printable
Dated: January – December 2017
Week Starts on: Monday 
Number of pages: Over 330 PDF pages organised in a way for easy printing

The Dotty LETTER page size insert Starter pack contains Planning & List Pages and Calendars.

The Week On 2 Pages spread is ideal for people who like to have an easy overview of their week and see how all their tasks and appointments fit in with each other. I’m so excited as the Life is Crafted planner will become your sidekick and confidante in living a life of more on purpose and more you!

Product Description

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The LIC range is designed to help you get clear and inspired about your life! The pages assist you in making plans, crafting priorities and designing schedules that align with what is important to your specific, unique self.

Together with pages that help you form goals and projects and capture the ideas and information in an organised way, you can get them out of your head and into reality and free up energy to take inspired action.


NEW FOR 2017
* The monthly pages are available in a SUNDAY START version (please send me an email to hello@lifeiscrafted.com) for access to these pages

* Month/Week Master Plan Page broken down into weeks for action plans
* Monthly Braindump Page to capture all the goodies floating around your head

The Dotty A4 page size insert Starter pack contains Tabs, Planning & List Pages and Calendars!

Over 300 pages of organisational goodness!

The Week On 2 Pages spread is ideal for people who like to have an easy overview of their week and see how all their tasks and appointments fit in with each other. The blank sections at the top can be used in different ways:

  • For categories of to dos for the week (ie personal, work, social, home, family, school, business 1, business 2, self care etc)
  • For notes on a certain day

I’m so excited as the Life is Crafted planner will become your sidekick and confidante in living a life of more on purpose and more you!

Feel more organised, get more done, get inspired about your life and keep track of all the important things! For busier-than-normal days I often use a daily or notes page situated at the end of the month to help put more details into a certain day.


You’ll receive 7 PDF Files to download in your email confirmation. Make sure you save them to your computer (and create a backup!) as you have a limited number of downloads. Please note these are large files.


  • Cover page
  • Personal Information – your contact info
  • Important Contacts - contact details for the most referred to people in your life
  • Password reminders – a place to jog your memory of the numerous passwords you have
  • Accounts and info – reference info
  • Goal Summary – overview of your goals and main intention
  • Ideal Day – a detailed description of your wonderful ideal life!

With a lot of exciting things going on in your life, this section helps you create neat order, provides clarity around your big picture and planning steps towards doing what you need to.

  • Master To Do List – place to store all your to dos – shorter and longer term
  • Goal Planning – breaking down steps and reasons for each goal
  • Project Planning – steps required to fulfil project
  • Finance Tracker – track your incomings and outgoings
  • Meeting Planner - jot notes, set intention, capture actions
  • Meal Ideas
  • Meal Planner – sample weekly meal planner and shopping list
  • Journalling Pages – sample blank pages to pour out your musings on life and self
  • Routines Overview – repeatable tasks categorised by frequency – daily, weekly, fortnightly etc
  • Weekly Routine Layout – weekly overview of repeatable tasks
  • Special Dates to Remember – perpetual calendar for birthdays, anniversaries and other important annual dates


  • 2016-2019 Year Overviews
  • Dates to schedule page – a place to brainstorm all the events, holidays and other happenings to plan in the year
  • 2017 Year Planner
  • 2018 Year Planner
  • Each month has:
    • Monthly Dreams – goals for the month and tasks to plan
    • Month on 2 Page Spread with notes area and inspiring quote
    • Month in Review
    • Monthly Braindump – a place to capture all your initial thoughts and to dos
    • Month/Week Master Plan – design your month at a glance with weekly actions
  • Week on 2 Page Layout. Each spread has
                        • 3 Priorities for week to keep you focussed
                        • Wins for the week to help capture and celebrate your achievements
                        • Gratitude area – to help bring some perspective to life
                  • Untitled sections across the top to keep you week’s to dos in categories or just to jot notes down
                  • Untitled sections on the right to keep track of whatever you’d like – money, invoices, exercise etc
                  • Each day on the week spread has space for:
                  • Top 3 priorities for day
                  • To Do Today
                  • Remember section for bills and birthdays (hopefully more of the latter!)
                  • Water tracker to ensure you stay hydrated!
                  • Untimed Schedule area for your flexible plans
  • Dates for next year – a place to store dates to carry over to next year’s calendar
  • To Schedule for Next Year

These pages help you keep a lot of your information together and stay inspired! Keep a ready reference of things you want to be/see/do/have and maintain a record of things that shape and help you.

  • Gratitude List
  • Quotations
  • Life Highlights
  • Life Lessons
  • I did it!
  • Things I love about me
  • Lift up
  • Wish List
  • Gift List
  • My People
  • Go Local
  • Places
  • Books
  • Films & Shows
  • Websites & Blogs
  • Music
  • 101/Bucket List
  • Blank Lists
  • Lined notes pages
  • Blank notes pages

Are you ready to start making life what you truly want it to be??! That’s priceless!

Please note: The Dotty Design has a faded line effect in its design.

Because of the quality of the paper (ie thicker than most planner inserts to increase quality and minimise bleed through), you may not be able to put all sheets in your planner at the same time. I recommend carrying about 2-4 full months of calendar inserts, with the Month on 2 Pages for the other dates in there to capture upcoming events and appointments, along with the relevant list and planning pages.



What you’ll need:
* Some A4 paper
* Colour printer
* Hole punch to punch the holes for your folder
Printing FAQs

Buyer is granted permission to use each PDF file for personal use only. Please do not use for commercial reasons and please do not share these files. Thank you for your kindness and integrity!

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