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Fab Friday Finds: Where to buy a Filofax (when you’re in the southern hemisphere!)


It is so wonderful living this side of the equator at times! Australia and New Zealand are breath taking countries with sweeping vistas and a generally great life quality (remember, it is really up to you – MAKE LIFE WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE!).

One disadvantage is our access to Filofaxes. And Filofaxes at reasonable prices…(Do you feel me A&NZ-ers?!)

Officeworks, FIlofax.com.au, David Jones, Dymocks and Myer all carry ranges which are good to browse, but with an A5 Classic going for AUD$399.95 or an A5 Finsbury available at AUD$199.95, it is a little….hmmm…killer on the wallet!

When I bought my gorgeous A5 Chameleon in Raspberry last year, I trawled all the sites I could find. I knew I would pay a bit as I believe in investing in beautiful tools that inspire me to craft a life I love. Having gorgeous stationery and planner pages make me truly want to use them and I see them as an investment in my productivity, accomplishment and action taking towards my magnificent goals.

I came across several sites who’s prices, even with international shipping, I was happy to pay so I could have a beautiful Filofax to craft my life in.

  • I would always start with Philofaxy’s Adspot to see if there is a folder there that is of interest. Some are well taken-care-of ‘pre-loved’ Filos and others are pretty much new organisers. You can also place ‘Wanted’ Ads for particular harder to find styles and sizes. Plus, you do good in the world by donating to a great cause – Chimwemwe
  • Ebay is of course another site where you can see what is available
  • I bought my lovely Filofax from Montgomery Pens based in the US. Great prices and decent shipping
  • I’ve not personally bought from Pens and Leather, but have heard great things from FIlofax users about it
  • Fishpond.com.au have a decent range, prices and free shipping

Do you have other recommendations? Where do you buy your FIlos from? Leave a comment below and spread the Filofax love!

Life is crafted. Craft yours.