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Magical Monday Braindump: Pick Me Up List

To change things up a little I thought I’d do a video post!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JjIP3X7Luk]

This week why not braindump your….

Pick Me Up Activities List

If you’ve got a Life is Crafted starter pack planner, or the List & Planning pack (I’m taking down the PDFs soon so if you’re interested in them get them now!) There is a page called ‘Life Up’ that has a place for these things.

This is your go to list for times when you’re feeling out of sorts and need to help lift yourself out of these moods. Trust me, the next time you’re feeling weirdly uneasy or down you’ll be so happy you have this list!

Take action now!

Write your own list of things that will make you feel better when you’re feeling BLEH! You can keep adding to it as you go. Put at least two things on the list NOW!

On my list

My pick me up activities include:

  • Going for a walk with Zander
  • Doing a yoga class
  • Calling my sister Liane or my bestie Chloe
  • Dancing around to loud cheesy, sing-a-long music
  • Reading ‘The Nice Files’
  • YouTubing funny videos
  • Reading my personal mission statement

What’s on your list? Share one goal with us below!

If you have a lot going on in general , here’s a post I wrote about creating your own Magical Monday Braindump party and get all the ‘to dos’, ‘somedays’ and ‘gosh, darn it, I REALLY have tos’ in a list.

Life is crafted, craft yours.

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Magical Monday Braindump: To Do in the Kitchen

Master To Do ListWelcome to the Magical Monday Braindump Party!

Get all your To Do’s for the week out of your head and on to paper – If you think it, Ink It! Here’s the steps to creating your own Magical Monday Braindump party

Then, this week why not dream braindump your list of things you need….

To Do in Your Kitchen!

The Man and I had a big (and very needed!) cleaning day yesterday. We’ve both been slogging away at our desks for days on end and had really neglected all those mundane cleaning jobs…

So we blasted some music, divvied up the tasks (amongst smaller things, him – bathroom and vacuuming, me – kitchen and mopping).

While working in the kitchen I noticed a bunch of things that could benefit from some loving attention and decided to start a list that we can tackle at another date.

On My Kitchen To Do List

  • Organising the pantry (and checking expiry dates!)
  • Clean fridge
  • Clean and organise utensil drawer (can’t find anything at the moment!)
  • Reorganise glasses and plates
  • Scrub kickboards
  • Go through and see what’s in all the high cupboards and that mysterious place the junk drawer
  • Clean the hard to reach areas – ceiling corners, exhaust, above fridge

One of my Master To Do lists is categorised as ‘Home’ and I’ve titled one of the columns ‘Kitchen’ and put all the to dos there.

I’m not beating myself up about not having all these things done and spotless right now. I have other priorities, but my brain can rest easy knowing that I have these tasks listed in an easy to find place for when the time is right.

That is the beauty of having well organised lists! Peace of mind 🙂 Yay for that!

What do you have on your Kitchen to do list? Share with us and make me feel not so alone!

Life is crafted. Craft yours,


8 Steps to Creating Your Own Magical Monday Life Crafting Braindump Party!

Monday Magical Dream Braindump1

It’s Monday morning Life Crafters! Here’s a little Monday routine that can make a big difference in your life. The start of a magical week if you make it that way.

So let’s all do…


Doing it the first time may take a little longer, but if you do it on a regular basis it only takes 5-10 minutes! If you have the Routine pages from your Starter Pack or List & Planning pages, don’t forget to add it in!

1. Remember the mantra, “If you think it, Ink it”
When things remain in our brain we can feel disorganised and overwhelmed. Every time something pops into your head that you need to do or are thinking about doing, jot it down somewhere you can come back to later.

2. Create an easy ritual
Light a candle. Put on some of your favourite tunes. Make yourself a nourishing cup of tea or a fresh juice.

Setting up the right space for yourself can infuse you with the right mindset to get your creativity and ‘braindumping’ flow on.

3. Grab your Planner
And go to the notes section, blank page or just find a piece of paper – something you can write things down on without thinking too much if it is neat or categorised. Grab your favourite pen. You’re ready now right?!

4. Write all the stuff that is going on in your head down
Just braindump. Write down to dos, dreams, feelings, household tasks, who you need to call, what you need to buy at the supermarket, errands you need to run, projects, deadlines, giving the dog his worming tablets, blog posts you want to write, etc. You get the gist.

Don’t analyse or overthink. Don’t get tempted to get started on one of the tasks. Most importantly, don’t get overwhelmed. This is just the time to empty that gorgeous head of yours.

5. Take a deep breath and enjoy all that freed up space
By getting all those wonderfully inspiring and mundane tasks out onto paper you’ve created space for the energy, inspiration and new ideas you need to make the life you want happen.

6. Schedule it, Put it on your Master To Do List or Throw it away.
Remember you don’t need to tackle everything at once!

If it is something you need to do soon, book in a time with yourself in your planner. Jot it down in your weekly list or on a day over the next couple of weeks.

If it is something without a timeframe – A future idea or something you’d like to do someday – write it on your Master To Do list, a Someday page, Bucket List or one of your information pages in your diary.

Some of ideas area crap. It’s okay. The bad is needed so we can contrast the really good ones. If you look at something and go ‘what the hell was I thinking?!’, give yourself permission to throw it away.

7. Recycle, File or Trash the initial piece of paper.

8. Your done! Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate 🙂
If you have a party popper handy go on and pop it over your head. And don’t forget to blow that candle out.

Life is crafted. Craft yours.

Yours in passionate planning,