The Why of Arienne & Life is Crafted

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Photo taken by my fabulously talented photographer, graphic design friend (who also did the original Life is Crafted Dotty designs!) Sarah from Meekins Photography.

For years I’ve been a planner fiend. I’ve trialed an array of diaries, notebooks, planners and organisers trying to find THE ONE. I hacked systems to meet my own needs, I created my own pages, I ordered and reordered sections. I tried to fall in love with different sizes and have ended up with a few months of my life over the years scattered across various planners and pages which are sitting jumbled up in a cupboard… (just wrote down another to do!)

I’ve spent hours searching, comparing, planning, labeling, printing, collating, writing and transferring data (can anyone relate?!).

Here is a pic of a very small subset of my planner/organiser collection:

Planners Filofaxes

In more recent years I’ve become passionate about Lifestyle Design and the importance of making life what you want it to be.

I was struggling with the latter and how to make it more tangible for people. Luckily my brain cells were powering away in my subconscious and came up with the fabulous (if I do say so myself) idea of marrying these two passions.

I’m inspired by transforming the things I go through in living my everyday life (thoughts, ideas and decisions)  and the tools I use on a daily basis, into items that can be used by others to somehow make their lives more fun, organised and enlivened.

So Life is Crafted was born! The growing range will cover formats and layouts that are beautiful, inspiring AND usable. Above all they should inspire you to craft your life in an uplifting, organised way.

So I’ve tried to come up with a mission to try an encompass all of the above:

Life is Crafted is an inspiring and welcoming place for planner and stationery enthusiasts. We are passionate about making life what you want it to be and we believe your planner is the corner stone of lifestyle design.

The site features printable planner inserts, stationery finds and life design tools that you want to use while tackling ideas, tips and perspectives on crafting a life of your own.

We aim to give you the inspiration to dream, plan and schedule the life you want so you can live it out!

How do you see Life is Crafted’s mission statement? Does it resonate with you?

Life is crafted. Craft yours.

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